Plugiz is a new game that combines the desire to give Children technical skills and technology learning, and the desire to give them an experience of imagination and creativity. Plugiz is a modular robot, consisting a capsule that can be easily connected to various electronic components to create robots with variable functions and visibilities. Each element has its own function — motion, sensing, or playing a sound. The child can choose which parts to connect and where into the robot. Once the robot is assembled it can be programmed using the programming blocks; The blocks control the output components (motors, speakers, LEDs) by the input elements (sensors). By connecting the blocks, the children will be able to experiment with assembling a simple code that explains the basis of the programming world. When this process is complete, they can play with the robot they have developed, and watch it perform exactly the actions they have set for it.

— Advisor: Hadar Shapira

Play Platform for Developing Creative Thinking Using Arduino Code

Sapir Shragai

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