What does a blind child's imagination look like? The world of our imagination is influenced mainly by visual sources in our first years of life. Children books are a great source of inspiration and pleasure, but how do they manifest themselves in a world without vision?

In this project, a platform was developed in which the illustrations and words are replaced by movements and sound that accompany the story and are combined with unique textures that develop the motor skills, alongside a portable speaker that plays the story and directs the child through it. Through touch and tactile sensation, the child can imagine that he is part of the story and experience another dimension of observation through imagination. “The The book is based on Silverstein Generous Tree.”

— Advisor: Dori Regev

Children's Book for and the Visually Impaired

Raz Mitrany

© 2018 by Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Created by Lilach Spivak