How is the design of our home space influenced by a child added to the family? In an age of plenty of toys, the living room disappears amid piles of games. Jioco is a project that deals with this subject and offers carpets with different game options. The project examines the qualities that contribute to the development of the child and helps to strengthen the bond and communication between parent and child. During the working process, game methods were studied, while paying attention to structures, imitation, discovery, concealment, textures and colors. The carpets provide important stimulation for the senses, creativity and imagination of children, while maintaining the design of the home space. The scaly carpet is dedicated to the child sensory development. It is made with felt and upholstery fabrics. The playfulness of colors and fabric textures provide the visual and sensuous first stimulations that are crucial In children years. In addition to these, the scaly carpet invites the child to play a game based on calming meditative activities.

— Advisor: Hadar Shapira

Playful Carpet

Niv Cohen

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