First light rises on the little wadi. Izar awakens to the sound of the goats bleating, while her mother Nasrin milks them. She arranges her school bag and prepares for the new day. Sitting by the fire, she waits in anticipation for a glass of goat's milk. In Bedouin society, each family has a small herd of goats. Goat's milk is an essential component of the Bedouin diet and is necessary for the development of children. The Bedouin do not pasteurized the milk because they are unaware of the importance of pasteurization. Brucellosis is a disease that causes severe disabilities, miscarriages and even death. The disease is passed on to humans from animals through the milk. Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world get infected. There are also thousands of patients in Israel, most of them from the Bedouin society. Sahar is a home appliance for the purification of milk using UV light. During the purification process, the nutritional values of the milk are preserved. Working with Bedouin society is a first step in trying to deal with a problem that is spreading around the world.

— Advisor: Prof. Ezri Tarazi

UV Based Home Device for Sterilizing Milk in Developing Countries

Guy Feidman Reshef

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